At Farmshelf we are enabling people to grow food in revolutionary ways. Our distributed farming model completely eliminates the waste of food packaging and shipping. It requires no pesticides and drastically reduces the need for water and fertilizer. Farmshelfs require no additional land thus rewilding former fields and sustaining biodiversity. Farmshelf’s harvest is as fresh as a home garden and as bountiful and of as high a quality as an industrial vertical farm. With Farmshelf anyone can grow their own food where they live or work.

As a software engineer you will take a hands on role in engineering the customer experience of growing one’s own food by writing the code for Farmshelf’s api and data analysis tools. Growing crops at the high quality, yield, and speed achieved by Farmshelf’s hardware is demanding and precarious work without the aid of digital technology. Your solutions will provide and authorize the data access needs of diverse stakeholders and roles and you will iteratively improve the solution while balancing feedback from each of them. Thousands of customers will directly benefit from your designs. You will work closely with our team of mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineers, as well as our plant science team to understand the broad interdisciplinary nature of Farmshelf’s products and translate that complexity into a delightful and intuitive experience for end users.

Farmshelf is based in Brooklyn, New York, and secondarily in France. This position is fully remote but is preferably for a person operating in France or Europe.

The Role

You will design, prototype, implement, validate, and maintain the Farmshelf software applications. You will seek feedback from both internal and external stakeholders to improve solutions and motivate new initiatives. You will participate in development of future software iterations to complement new product development.

Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years experience with a server side language (java, NodeJS, python, ruby, C# etc)
    • Experience with purescript or another typed functional language
  • Basic familiarity with SQL and NoSQL pesistent technologies
  • Familiarity with end to end test design
  • Familiarity with AWS (Lambda, Iot, ECS, RDS, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, Codebuild, Codepipeline, etc)
  • Comfort with the basic linux command line
  • Ambition to learn new technologies
  • Courage to speak up early and ask for help
  • Sense of stewardship for diverse stakeholders
  • Readiness to act independently

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Experience with metrology for system monitoring
  • Experience with data visualization technologies such as D3
  • Experience with internet of things
  • Experience with embedded C development